The Hatchery

The lifecycle of the brown trout that are reared in our hatchery.


Trout spawn over the winter months roughly from November - Janurary. The eggs they produce are then kept in our hatchery where they are grown to fry/par before being released back into the surrounding burns.

Eggs Hatching

As they grow you can see the ova develop within the egg.The trout usually take around 2-3 months to hatch. These newly hatched trout are called alevins and they feed on the remaining yolk sac which is still attached to their body.

Trout Fry

Once all of the yolk sac has been absorbed the fry will then start to feed on natural insects in the water along with other fish food. They will usually be grown on until they are arround 30-50mm in size before being released in to the river.

The video below shows the fish being released from the hatchery in to one of the feeder burns on the river.