Where To Fish

The Club has 24 miles of superb water which is full of glides, runs and deep pools, over rolling farmland to steep, wooded gorges. You want it we've got it!

The club has the lease for the full river for migratory fish (Salmon & Sea Trout). For non-migratory fish (Trout & Grayling) our beat starts half a mile upstream of Browns Bridge then continues downstream  and ends when it meets the Clyde in Hamilton. There are some minor exceptions to this which can be found on your permit.

The river contains a good head of brown trout and grayling in a good range of sizes. Fish over 1 lb are not uncommon and whilst the size limit is 10", members are requested to release all brown trout and grayling. This will help aid the conservation of natural stock and to permit an increase in the overall average weight of fish in the system. All migratory fish must be returned.

The Club stock the river and it's tributaries with brown trout reared in our own hatchery, in accordance with river catchment management requirements.

Anyone with a permit has excellent fishing possibilities, superb scenery and the chance to see a wide variety of wildlife which could include kingfishers, herons, woodpeckers, otters and unfortunately the odd mink!