Migratory Permit Rules

1. Permits are not transferable. 
2. Permits must be carried at all times. All members must exhibit a permit if asked by a fellow member or warranted bailiff. No exceptions. 
3. Members will be permitted to fish for salmon and sea-trout between 11th Feburary - 31st October, both dates inclusive except when they fall on a Sunday. For the avoidance of doubt, fishing for migratory fish on a Sunday in Scotland is illegal. 
4. All migratory fish must be returned. For the avoidance of doubt, all big brown trout should also be returned. 
5. Restricted areas: Fishing is strictly prohibited in the pools below Craig Dam, Millheugh fish pass and Ferniegair fish pass. No fishing in front of Fairholm House and fly only in the Fairholm Estate. In certain circumstances, the club officers or bailiffs may require anglers to refrain from fishing certain areas or pools when conditions dictate this. Please follow these requests. 
6. No angler to be in possession of a gaff, tailer or similar instrument or treble hooks larger than size 4. 
7. No natural prawns, shrimp or imitations allowed. The use of worm as bait will only be permitted from the 1st of April till 31st of October. 
8. Maximum leader allowed is 15lbs (6.8 kgs) breaking strain. 
9. Anglers are not allowed to fish from one spot. A cast should be made, fished out and then one step taken downstream, cast and so on. Anglers must not commence fishing in front of another angler without their permission. 
10. The use of lead core and fast sinking lines is strictly prohibited. 
11. Any bait substance containing extracts of fish roe is banned. 
12. During the month of October, fishing is restricted to one hour before dawn and cease one hour after dusk inclusive. 
13. Fishing for brown trout commences 15th March to 6th October, both dates inclusive. 
14. Sunday fishing for brown trout/grayling during the salmon season – maximum hook size 10, maximum leader 6lbs (2.7 kgs) breaking strain. 
15. Brown trout and grayling under 10 inches to be returned. Bag limit of 4 fish (either brown trout or grayling). 
16. No lighting of fires or camping by members 
17. Anglers will approach the rivers by recognised routes only, will close gates and bind themselves not to damage property. 
18. No angler to be accompanied by a dog. 
19. No set lines (ledgering), no rods rests and for the avoidance of doubt, rods must be held at all times. 
20. All poaching incidents should be immediately reported to the police and AAC Secretary. 
21. All pollution incidents to be immediately reported to S.E.P.A. Tel: 0800 807060, giving details of the incident. 
22. Anglers, bags, tackle and their vehicles may be searched by warranted bailiffs or the police if it is believed they are in contravention of the trout or salmon laws of Scotland. 
23. Anglers must not leave any litter or discarded tackle. 
24. The Avon Angling Club will not be responsible for any member’s personal equipment, vehicles or their contents. Members also are reminded that fishing is at their own risk, all rivers can be dangerous places and utmost care must be taken at all times. 
25. Anyone fishing outwith the limits of the club waters may be prosecuted. 
26. Any member or angler contravening any of the rules and regulations above may be prosecuted. In the case of members, expulsion from the club may also result.