Migratory Permit - Salmon & Sea-Trout

The season runs from the 11th of February to the 31st of October each year inclusive, except when these dates land on a Sunday. In which case the season will start the day after and finish the day before.

Migratory permits are issued by application only. The application form can be downloaded here - AAC Migratory Permit 2022(PDF) or AAC Migratory Permit 2022(Word).

The prices for the 2022 season are as follows:

Adult  £40
Senior £20
Junior £20

Junior - Anyone who has not attained the age of 16 on or before 11/02/22
Senior - Anyone who has attained the age of 65 on or before 11/02/22

Please note any permits purchased via the websiste will be issued in a digital format.

The holder of a migratory permit is allowed to fish for the lesser species (Brown Trout & Grayling) when in season.

Members can upgrade from a non-migratory to a migratory permit at any time by filling out an application form and paying the difference in the cost of the permits. 




It is also a legal requirement that at the end of each season a catch return form is filled out and submitted back to the club. The catch return form is included in the permit application or alternatively can be downloaded from here - catch return template.