An update regarding the Millheugh fish pass

An update regarding the fish pass at Millheugh. This is correspondence the club has received recently.

Thank you for your email and I am very happy to give you an update on progress.

The work to construct the passes at Ferniegear and Millheugh was completed at the end of November 2016. However after a medium spate it was found that several blocks of the pass at Millheugh had been displaced. The pass at Ferniegear is as constructed and is functioning well. This was in December and we requested the contractors we have been using for design and construction to identify possible causes and remedial action. We are now waiting to deploy a coffer dam to drain the fish pass to be able to implement the relevant remedial action(s). Work was due to commence today but unfortunately the river is too high to enable deployment of the coffer dam. The delay of December to now to initiate work was that there were no coffer dams available as they were all booked for other works.
Once the river level falls and we are able to access the pass I will have further information.
I hope this suffices at this time and I will be in touch again once we can access the pass.