The Avon Angling Fly Tying Club was established with the aim to promote the hobby of fly tying by passing on the knowledge and skills that are present within our club.
The club is focused on tying flies in the traditional "Clyde Style" way. These flies are designed to catch fish by deception by imitating the real insect as closely as possible.
The club has a number of expert members on hand who have extensive experience in trout fishing and fly tying who are happy to assist beginners and improvers alike in mastering the skills.
The fly tying club meets every Tuesday night from 7pm to 9pm at our Clubhouse situated at Craigbridge next to the Strathaven Brewery. The exact location can be seen below on the map.
Anyone is welcome to come along, skill level does not matter! If you are interested in having a go at tying your own flies the club has all the tools you need to get started. These can be borrowed and used on the night. The club has a small weekly fee of 50p to help cover the cost of materials used.